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Science And Technology Consultant Services

Mr. Tran Vinh Loc
Vice Director - Chief of Science Research Group
Tel: 39301116 - Email: 



Our technology R&D team at PVPro has worked closely with colleagues and partners to identify develop and deliver technology solutions that meet short-term goals and achieve long-term success of Vietnam oil and gas industry. Our research studies provide solutions that implement best practices and enhance PVPro’s readiness and potentials in current and future refining and petrochemical projects. Our major areas of expertise are:

  •  Evaluation and selection of the latest technologies for petroleum processing industry;
  • Energy-efficiency systems improvement and plant operation optimization;
  • Applied process modeling and simulation in refineries and petrochemical plants for feedstock, catalyst evaluation and selection, yield prediction and economic evaluation.

Our core research and development are put to use in providing consultancy to oil and gas processing companies. Equipped with indepth knowledge of the assignments, experience with unique aspects of petroleum industry, and utmost commitment to the clients, our team offers practical guidance, make recommendation and provide high quality work in a timely manner. We have a respected track record with clients for services in:

  • Executing and appraising investment reports (pre-feasibility and feasibility studies) for projects relating to peroleum processing, petrochemical and chemical production;
  • Consulting on plant upgrade and expansion;
  • Consulting on application and transfer of new technologies.



Research and Development:

Catalysis always plays an important role in refining and petrochemical processes and often greatly influences the economic efficiency, the product quality as well as environmental safety of those. Our objectives are to improve the efficacy of catalyst application and ultimately develop new catalysts and technologies in petroleum processing industry, for which we focus on the following areas:

  • Evaluate and select catalysts for cracking, reforming, isomerization processes;
  • Improve catalysts for hydroprocessing, Fischer-Tropsch processes;
  • Develop new catalysts for processes such as CO2 conversion, bio-oil upgrade and bio-fuel production.

PVPro provides technical services such as catalyst analysis, evaluation and selection to support our customers in optimization, monitoring, improving the efficiency and troubleshooting of their production process. We also provide services as contract research for our customers and we commit to protect the confidentiality of the results. Our catalysis services include:

  • Evaluate select and perform economic evaluation of new catalyst application for FCC, reforming, isomerization and hydroprocessing processes;
  • Analyze the physical, chemical properties of catalysts and create database of catalyst properties for refineries to monitor and troubleshoot problems in operation;
  • Design and implement research projects as per requests by our customers.


Bio-fuel is proving to be a key role in renewable energy sources what can replace fossil fuels in the future. Aiming at that field, PVPro supports the development of Petrovietnam’s bio-fuel plants and the improvement of bio-fuel processing based on Vietnam’s biomass resource. PVPro’s research topics include:

  • Improving operational efficiency of Petrovietnam’s bio-ethanol plants by diversification of raw materials, optimization of operations, technological consulting and handling related issues during operation;
  • Researching and developing new advanced production technologies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation bio-fuels (including bio-oil, bio-ethanol, bio-diesel);
  • Preparation and practical application of bio-fuels;
  • Developing technical standards and regulations in the production, preparation, storage and distribution of bio-fuels;
  • Assessment of exiting storages and distribution systems for using gasohol at service stations and terminals;
  • Diversifying products from original bio-fuels.


PVPro provides services in feasibility study consulting for bio-fuels investment projects and operation analysis to optimize bio-fuels plant. PVPro also serves the demand on research and development such as:

  • Design pilot system for production of 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation bio-fuels (bio-ethanol, bio-diesel, bio-oil);
  • Analyze chemical and biological characteristics of materials and products;
  • Consult on converting the exiting storage and distribution systems for using gasohol at service stations and terminals.